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New Bed

This is a new bed I planted in 2003 backed by barberry hedge. Because the bed was new and I did this on the cheap, I used some pink-flowered Malva moschata and petunias to quickly fill it. The petunias didn't work, and the malva was a bigger mistake -- as much as I deadhead, that plant self-seeds everywhere. I first planted the malva from seed elsewhere a few years back, and now I would like to eradicate it because of its profligate habits. I would love to get rid of the prickly barberry hedge, but I don't really know if if belongs to me or the neighbors, and besides, tearing it out would be an awfully unpleasant task.

The other plants are Siberian irises, a variegated Geranium macrorrhizum, Geranium 'Brookside,' and good old Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant.'

Photographed June 2003.