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My name is Kelly Andrews and I live in Wynnewood, PA. It's located about 8 miles outside of Center City Philadelphia in Montgomery County in zone 6B.

I started gardening in 2000 on a small 0.24-acre plot. The front yard is sunny and well-drained, while the backyard is somewhat wooded and gets kind of marshy when there's a lot of rain. My soil is a very dense clay.

When I moved into my little house in 1999, the only plantings were some ancient yews, old-fashioned azaleas, a spindly climbing rose, some white peonies, a nice little tree lilac (Syringa reticulata 'Ivory Silk' — it took me two years to identify because it only blooms every other year), and some boring pachysandra and ivy. I'm such a soft touch that I haven't shovel-pruned most of the old plantings (except that pachysandra — which still pops up now and then), but I've created many new beds and added new plants each year.

This is the first flower, Onoethera speciosa, that bloomed in my garden in April 2000. I planted Onoethera because the catalog said it would spread quickly — a characteristic that was appealing at the time but turned out to be a misjudgment. Live and learn — it's true in gardening and everything else.

Most of the photos on this site are of roses, tulips, and lilies because those flowers are always ready for their close-up. But most of the plants in my garden are perennials planted for landscape effect, rather than perfect individual bloom form. My particular favorites are hardy geraniums, varigated foliage, and phlox (which is underrepresented because my enthusiasm for photography (and weeding) wanes by the time it's in bloom).

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