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Past Entries

04/17/04 - Guinea pig rescued

04/04/04 - Fence Installed

Garden Journal 04/17/04

Today Jeff and I moved the earth — we tackled the grading on the side of the house by moving the mud from next to the fence to next to the house. Today was the first day this year in the 70s, which was great, but playing in the mud is not really what it's cracked up to be. But now we're ready for next week when we will be putting down a load of pea gravel. Mud alley will be completely conquered soon.

We also caught an interloper — our neighbor Kaitlyn's guinea pig. She escaped last Saturday during Kaitlyn's 13th birthday party, and we were sure that she had met her maker in the form of a cat, fox, or hawk. But Winslow put up the alarm, and there was the guinea pig hiding in the wood pile. Jeff and I flushed her out and set her up in Winslow's old crate with some carrots, water, and a towel until Kaitlyn came home.

Today I also:

  • sprayed my roses for the first time.
  • planted Geranium 'Rozanne' from Wayside with Morden Centennial rose.
  • planted four Silver Sword variegated azaleas that we bought last week at Home Depot (far superior shrub selection than Lowe's, by the way).
  • planted three Lilium 'Silk Road' from Wayside in the new part of the lilac tree bed.
  • moved my Bougainvillea 'Raspberry Ice' and my four supposed Hostas 'Sum and Substance' (they still look nothing like they are supposed to).